Hi, we’re Antagonist —
the emerging voice of a new ethical movement.

We want a life of indulgence and fun, but free from exploitation. That’s why we’re hell-bent to change the outdated perception of veganism.

We publish aspirational content through a channel-agnostic approach, creating spaces of encounter and dialogue. Our focus: Always championing the concept we think will take us there —


We’re making veganism the cool kids table.

You can sit with us.

Offering an elevated perspective on ethically sound food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, art & design, this multi-channel publishing hub broadcasts a new understanding of what luxury, aspiration and quality means today.


1. a person who is opposed to, or struggles against something or someone;

2. (Pharmacology) a drug that counteracts the effects of another drug;

3. (Literature) though an opposing force, if working against an evil protagonist, the antagonist can be a good character — plotting to foil the protagonist’s plans:

Meet the Antagonists: