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Brazilian Oat Milk Company Naveia wins Antagonist Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award

It’s official – the winner of the Antagonist Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award 2022 is Brazilian oat milk brand Naveia!

Find out why.

Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award 2022 – Antagonist

December 30, 2022

Words — Eric Mirbach

The judges have spoken:

The winner of the Antagonist Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award 2022 is Naveia!

The Antagonist Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award was created to recognize outstanding achievements of vegan brands in the design space.

We’re excited to recognize the excellent design work that sets this Brazillian oat milk company apart with this award.

The Naveia Story

Naveia founders Felipe Melo & Alex Soderberg had gotten in touch with Swedish oat milk superbrand Oatly to see if they could assist them with bringing the popular oat milk brand to Brazil. When they learned that Oatly had no immediate plans to come to South America, the two partners decided they had to do it themselves: The immediate need for healthier and more sustainable dairy alternatives in their community was just too pressing, and so they decided to go for it.

“We’re not a brand with a purpose, we’re a purpose that created a brand,” says the Naveia team about they way they approach all their communication & marketing.

“We’re not a brand with a purpose, we’re a purpose that created a brand.”

Created by Rio-based creative studio Hardcuore, the brand design radiates positivity and utilizes the colorful playfulness of its cultural heritage.

How to Earn a Brand Design Award

Through decisive design work, Naveia has supercharged their brand. Equipping it with vibrant colors and a positive attitude, it’s been enabled to communicate joy and excitement around topics that are not easy to convey.

And so Naveia has created a truly antagonistic brand with real-world impact, as the company utilizes their funds to rebuild what the local dairy industry has damaged.

Rebuilding what Dairy Destroyed

This year, Naveia kicked off work on 220h of degraded pasture in the heartland of Brazilian dairy culture, which they will be regenerating by reforesting it to produce food in an agroforestry system.

The initiative will create jobs, food security, and alternative business opportunities for local farmers.

Brazilian dairy farmers often live in poverty, and in economic dependance of the dairy industry.

“An opportunity to address important issues, but radiate positivity.”

Animal agriculture, deforestation and exploitation are not exactly topics easy to connect with a lifestyle brand.

With their open, friendly, warm and designy-but-not-exclusive creative language, the Naveia-team has created an opportunity to address these important issues and create positive change while radiating positivity

Kudos (and an award) to that!

Who’s next?

We salute Naveia, their founders and the whole team for their efforts and for the positive change they create in the world and we are beyond thrilled to give the first-ever Antagonist Brand Design award to this amazing company!

We also want to congratulate all brands that made the short list of this year’s Antagonist Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award — and we are curious:

Who do you think will make big waves in the vegan sphere of brand design next year?

Find Out More About Naveia
Instagram: @naveia

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