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New Report Highlights Harm Caused by the Leather Industry

Leather production harms animals — so far, so obvious. With this first in a series of reports, however, NGO Collective Fashion Justice shines a light on the impact it has on people. A gruesome and important read.

Leather Report, Collective Fashion Justice – Antagonist

November 3, 2022

Words — Eric Mirbach
Images — Very Good Looking Studio

Ever had the realization that a jacket or a bag you love is made from skin and then felt weird about it? Experienced that gut feeling, that irky “this can’t be right” kind-of-sensation?

On a Mission to Illuminate Injustice

Collective Fashion Justice, an NGO on a “mission to illuminate the interlinked injustices in fashion supply chains” has done just that: Delivering data sets that explain this gut feeling, make it more tangible and real, give it a context and weight.

Their well-researched, in-depth report on wool showed the intertwined harm the fashion industry causes — for animals, the planet and people — and was a milestone for the dialogue around fashion & ethics.

Well, here’s a new milestone for ya.

Leather Report, Collective Fashion Justice – Antagonist
Leather Report, Collective Fashion Justice – Antagonist

Empty Promises & Ethics-Washing

“Under Their Skin” is a new series of reports by Collective Fashion Justice, exploring leather’s impact on people, the planet and animals — as well as we, as fashion industry and society, can move past it.

Part one of the series is out now and looks at the impact on people.

“The human cost is either ignored or glazed over.”

“Too often,” the org writes on their website, “the human cost in leather supply chains is either ignored by the industry, or glazed over with empty promises and ethics-washing.”

And: “It’s time to uncover the true physical and mental impact of this abusive and exploitative industry.”

Leather Report, Collective Fashion Justice – Antagonist
Leather Report, Collective Fashion Justice – Antagonist
Leather Report, Collective Fashion Justice – Antagonist

Design Language as a Gateway

Once again, the design of the publication has been given into the trusted hands of mission-aligned branding, content & venture agency Very Good Looking.

The contrasting, bright illustrations are by Madrid-based artist Inma Hortas, a free-spirited illustrator selected by the creative studio for their signature style of colorful, expressive work (and kinship of purpose).

“We needed to contextualize and contrast the important research.”

“It was clear we needed a design language that pulls you in, and that contextualizes and contrasts the important research in a way that makes it accessible,” says Creative Director Tina Tenkmann of Very Good Looking about the design process.

“The goal was to make the report inviting by bringing in lightness and room for the often heavy-htting information to breathe, but also make it clear and precise.”

Part one of “Under Their Skin” is available now on the Collective Fashion Justice Website.

Part two is scheduled to come out End of November, 2022.

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