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Supporting Radical Kindness: The Antagonist Donation Program is here!

With our “Donate” Button and the Antagonist Secret Society, we have implemented two ways for you to support quality journalism and give to causes we all believe in. Let us show you!

Introducing the Antagonist Donation Program & The Antagonist Secret Society – Support Radical Kindness by Giving Back to the Community

August 16, 2021

When we launched Antagonist in April of this year, one thing was important to us; we didn’t want to see the platform used to promote products we don’t believe in, by companies we couldn’t get behind — which meant that we would need to be ready to say no to advertising deals which would do exactly that.

The editorial team that is behind Antagonist is a diverse group of individuals, with quite different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds (and we’re making an effort to diversify that further the more we grow), so the opinions on what the brands and products are that we do see us get behind differ, of course.

“We want to be able to say no to advertising deals we can’t get behind.”

It’s a spectrum, and a reoccurring chance for us to learn how to compromise, and balance business strategy with ethics.

However, in order to be able to say no to above-mentioned unwanted advertising deals with above-mentioned brands & products we can’t see us get behind, we’d like to ask for your support.

If you’re interested in helping us bringing critical, independent journalism on vegan food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, business, art & design into the world — and with a level of editorial quality that is, sorry to toot our own horn like that, unmatched — well, we made that possible.

We’re proud to introduce:

The Antagonist Donation Program

An easy way to support our work here at Antagonist as well as good causes we all believe in.

10% of all proceedings to to animal rights groups, environmental organizations or activists, handpicked by the Antagonist staff. It can be a one-off donation or recurring — whatever works for you.

The Antagonist Secret Society

If you want a little more bang for your buck, you might want to think about joining the cult.

Presented by Antagonist mascot Batsy (cute but biting), Secret Society Members sign up for either a monthly or annual fee to support our work as well as animal rights organizations and climate activists — but can score some additional perks on top.

Those include…

  • 10% off on all Antagonist products (we got a couple cool things in the pipeline)
  • First Dips on Everything (digital releases, merch, event tickets, you name it)
  • Invite-only Society get-togethers
  • An exclusive Society newsletter by Creative Director Eric Mirbach with a first-hand, vulnerable real-life view of what’s it like to build a media business


Also, we get together every Friday the 13. at midnight, dressed in our cult robes, to drink the blood of an infant celery. Ok, that last one might be a lie.

Join us, we’d love to have you!

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