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Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award: Call for Proposals

For the first time ever, Antagonist is going to award the best vegan brand design of the year. We got an international jury and everything.

But first, we need your help!

Vegan Brand of the Year Design Award 2022 – Antagonist

October 27, 2022

Words — Eric Mirbach
Illustration — Very Good Looking

Public Service Announcement:

We’re going to award the best branding design efforts in the world of vegan & plant-based do-gooder companies this year, and we want to invite you to the (virtual) party.

We’ll be looking at food, fashion & lifestyle brands, but are honestly expecting a shortlist heavy on food-related brands — the category with the most innovation and momentum right now.

Short List Candidates Wanted

And we need your help:

To give our panel of design-savvy international judges the best possible selection, we’re calling for proposals for our shortlist.

In 2022, which vegan & plant-based brands…

  • launched with amazing branding?
  • went through an inspiring rebranding?
  • turned heads with an outstanding campaign?
  • stepped up their brand design game in another major way

In short: Anything that heightened your positive attitude towards the brand on one or more one or more of their touch points with their target group through the art of design.

The Judges Need You

Let us know who your favorites were, which brand design efforts made you stop and chuckle / cry out / drool. In short, who’s been killing it this year?

We can’t wait to read your ideas in the comments!

Next Steps:

  1. We’ll introduce you to our panel of judges
  2. We’ll reveal the shortlisted candidates
  3. We vote
  4. We celebrate

Hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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Planted (the vegan chicken brand) had a cool rebranding this year. Feels like they should go on the list!

Dropping my own brand, Vegan Women Summit, in here. 🙂


Havredals – plant based oat milk and alr meat!

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