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Where we’d be right now if the Rest of the World hadn’t f-d Things up

Let’s face it – few of us actually want to be where we are right now. Everyone’s plans have been put on hold again. We can’t help but imagine where we’d go as soon as we can – dare we say it – roam free again. Here’s our list.

Antagonist - Places we wanna go once the Pandemic is Over

April 1, 2021

Words — Cort Cunningham
Photography — Brix & Maas

We’ve been trying our best to forget for a second the tinge of bitterness we feel toward those who really f-d things up, and polled the Antis (and our friends at Very Good Looking) to share a nice and tight travel top 10. Pick any destination, and we’ll see you at the go-to vegan joint that’s on anyone’s list.

1. Berlin (just other parts of it)

We kept our expectations low for the first place on our list, allowing ourselves to gaze westward out the window at HQ in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Maybe just maybe we’d cycle over to Vaust in Charlottenburg and treat ourselves to the not-at-home taste of homemade.

2. Canary Islands

On Fuerteventura, on the most beautiful coast on the island, sits Happy Cactus. One bite of their super fresh food and you’ll see why it really is our happy place. More on the Canaries? Sure, right this way.

3. Amsterdam

We already mentioned how badly we want to go back to Amsterdam in this piece about one of our favs in the city, Meatless District. But: We’ve also been dying to check out provisions purveyor Klein the Grocer. Their graphic game is strong and their words of wisdom ring true: “Take note of who you’re with when you feel your best.”

4. Bali

Jackfruit pizza? We’ve been dreaming of it since May 2019 (when we had the chance to go and shoot on the island last). It’s a menu staple at Zest in Ubud. Their food is powered by plants. Easy to make that connection there, surrounded by rainforest and ancient holy sites.

5. Kiev

Or Kyiv, if you wish. Bored of the borscht? First stop needs to be Kyiv Food Market and the mango smoothies at Bali Bowl Cafe and the insane selection of treats and kickass matcha lattes made with every type of plant-based milk imaginable from Green Chef.

6. Lisbon

As the Tagus flows, we’ll be sitting at The Botanist in Lisbon. Reminiscent of a greenhouse where you’re admiring the plants in your sights and in your mouth. (Plants really are top of mind for us, huh.)

7. Joshua Tree

The high desert is the cure of any ills. And Crossroads Cafe can be your source of fuel post-hike. It’s not the Crossroads Cafe in West Hollywood, but this will do just fine. The fancy life is not what we’re after here in JT, but the desert life sure is.

8. NYC

With our Editor at Large located in Nueva York, how could we not be longing to go have an editorial meeting at East River, Matcha Latte in hand? Meanwhile, we’ll just stare at this photo essay by our own Florian Maas, wanderlusting.

9. Warsaw

Nothing like some of the best vegan Sushi in Europe to get your explorer going. Youmiko is the place to go and  we’re already making plans to go back to this exciting city and have our Travel Guide at hand.

10. London

Grab breakfast at the Bright Store (vegan chocolate croissants), then get all the tacos at Club Mexicana. Stroll through Greenwich, then do it all again. Sigh.

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