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Why Amsterdam’s Foodies Can’t Get Enough of New Hotspot Madre

Tucked in Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighborhood, Madre isn’t just another plant-based eatery. It’s where Mexican culinary flair fuses with cutting-edge food innovation. Dive into an experience with 3D-printed steaks and table-side guacamole.

August 28, 2023

Words — Eric Mirbach
Photography — Madre

As you approach Madre, the first thing you notice is the vibrant, street-facing bar. Not just an accessory to the restaurant, but a standalone experience, it’s a great first taste of what is awaiting.

Venture deeper, and you’ll be embraced by Madre’s main dining hall. The beautiful interior of the open space seems to pay tribute to Latin American dining tradition, but with a modern twist – just like the menu.

It’s the perceived simplicity of traditional, Mexican cuisine that sets the stage:

With the quality of the ingredients and the presentation playing a major role, the creativity that goes into reinterpreting and presenting these classic dishes is what sets Madre apart.

Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist
Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist
Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist

Pushing The Envelope

This is a place that has carved out a very special niche for itself: It stands out from other vegan restaurants through the level of the experience that is to be had here, and the love for detail in atmosphere, interior, presentation and quality of food served.

At the same time, it’s strict plants-only policy — instead of being restrictive — actually provides a creative playground for real food innovation and sensory pleasure.

At Madre, we’re at the forefront of what is happening in food today.

At Madre, we’re at the very forefront of what’s happening in food today, where boundaries are pushed and new ground is broken. Plant-based foodie or not; This menu is exciting first and foremost, drawing you in with a promise of futuristic plays on traditional dishes — on which the kitchen staff more than delivers.

Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist
Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist

An Adventure in Cutting-Edge Food Science

To get us started, marinated and grilled oyster mushrooms take center stage to replace the meat skewers of our first taco dish. They deliver an uncanny and delicious resemblance to the original, that, instead of just mimicking meat, elevates the experience in terms of mouth-feel and complexity.

The pièce de résistance, however, might just be the creative and authentic inclusion of Redefine Meat‘s 3D-printed “steak” — spicy and intense, and with the unique texture created by using the most cutting-edge technology in the sphere of vegan food development at the moment.

From mushrooms with a twist to 3D-printed ingredients: The creative range of re-interpretation sets Madre apart.

Between ingredients as natural and supposedly obvious as mushrooms (but with a twist) and something as advanced as 3D-printed meat-successors, it’s the range of creative re-interpretation here that  ultimately makes this menu so special.

And then, as if to counter our venture into the high-tech food space, there’s the very personal table-side affair that is Madre’s guacamole experience. Freshly mashed and seasoned to perfection right in front of you, it adds both the tangy freshness of ripe avocado as well as a dash of delightful social interaction to our dining experience.

Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist
Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist
Madre, Vegan Mexican Eatery in Amsterdam NL - for Antagonist

Beyond Food

And so Madre stands tall not as a mere vegan venue, but managed to position itself as an effective champion of change through excellent food.

While the crew here obviously thrives on pushing the boundaries of what vegan dining can achieve, they have managed what few places in the world can.

Madre does not broadcast its mission too loudly, but instead creates buzz and pull through the stories told by the food. Drawing people in with international dining standards, tantalizing flavors, and innovative dishes supercharges a mission that does not even need to be on display:

Triggering positive change through indulgence.

With every chair pulled at Madre, our collective understanding of good food is being reshaped.

There’s no need to guilt-trip anyone into changing their ways when the food is that enticing. Instead, with every chair pulled at Madre, an invitation is extended — to partake in a global dialogue, and share a story that can reshape the narrative of not only Amsterdam’s culinary scene, but our collective understanding of what good food is today.

Madre is proof that we can honor our beloved culinary traditions and, at the same time, elevate and advance them in a way that gives us the sensory pleasure we desire, fuels both body and spirit, and is a more responsible approach to the way we interact with our planet.

We can’t wait to be back!

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